NEW video tutorial on Clean and Simple card making

Do you, like me, LOVE the look of the ‘clean and simple’ card making style, but find it actually isn’t that simple at all? It certainly seems easier to keep loading layers and product onto a card until you are happy with it. It can be really hard to hold back and keep it minimal, whilst still keeping it balanced and pleasing to the eye.

But help is here! I have put together a video tutorial covering all of my rules and tips for planning and constructing one of these fresh and contemporary looking cards. I have four rules plus bonus tips for you to use to achieve these looks in your own choice of colours and themes.

I have covered a range of things to keep in mind including:

  • Choosing your colours
  • Number and type of elements
  • Leaving white space
  • Adding dimension
  • Creating suitable backgrounds

Below is the full video, and if you enjoy this and find it helpful, please do subscribe to my channel to keep up to date with new uploads!

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