Watercolour Florals Series


Click on each of these watercolour florals to watch the short video tutorial, guiding you through how to watercolour paint each flower style.

Learn various floral and foliage shapes using watercolours, which brushes, strokes and paint consistency to use for each and finally, bring them all together to paint beautiful watercolour wreaths, clusters, backgrounds and frames.

You will be able to build on these basic tutorials, following on by changing the sizes and colours for your very own unique designs. The series and tutorials are very quick to work through. The videos are not voiced over, simply visuals, but feel free to message me with any questions.

Tools you will require to complete each floral piece are:

  • Watercolour paper (ideally 300gsm +)
  • Watercolour brushes – pointed round, round, slanted and mop. Sizes can vary.
  • Watercolour paints. I mostly use pans, but tubes will also work. Ready mixed will not as you will need some strong, concentrated paint at times.
  • Clean water
  • Absorbant towel
  • A little time and patience to practice the shapes!